Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Update Let's People Know That Something New Happened In Your Life

Sooo this scared-of-driving American Roo got her license last Thursday :)
After holding the permit for a year and a half I thought to myself
"Ya know what? Fuck it. Let's do it." So, I told my mom of my plan and we ventured to every body's favorite place: the DMV! We waited..and waited..and then I was called like a double whopper order at Burger King "Oriana Galasso, no pickles, extra mayo." Okay so I made the last part up but they did call my name over the speaker.
I missed a turn but pulled into a gas station and made a left to go back...over double yellow lines. lmao yes I know what you're thinking "And you still passed?", yes..yes I did lol.
When we got back to the DMV the woman said, "You did fine on your test, see you inside." About a few minutes I was called up (this time with a shake on the side) and got my license :)

Very proud of my self. I'll admit that I am a little embarrassed because I'm 21 and just now getting my driver's license. But ya know what? I really don't care so much anymore. It's nice being able to go and meet people and not have them come to me. I'm sure after time it will come naturally.

On a back-to-reality- note: the hunt for a job is still in pursuit
****I have a job interview on Saturday :D Very Excited!*****

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